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Mallard Lake Apartments does not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability.

Section I: Qualifying Criteria for Residency

The following criteria must be met by each applicant in order to reside at our community:

1-1.  AGE: All individual applicants must be at least 21 years old with no co-signers. If there are two or more applicants, each applicant must be 21 years old, unless the couple is married (then one applicant may be under 21), or if the relationship is parent and child. All leaseholders must intend to reside in the unit full time for which the application is being submitted. All persons 18 years and older who are not leaseholders but intend to live in the apartment 30 or more days per year in total or 2 or more nights per week must submit an application as an occupant and are subject to a background check. Anyone under the age of 18 must be registered in the apartment.   

1-2.  STUDENTS: Student applicants who are 21 years and older may apply with a parental co-signer and proof of student status. All students must reconfirm student status every lease renewal with a payment receipt for tuition and a class schedule. See Student Co-Signer Addendum for more requirement details.

1-3.     OCCUPANCY: A maximum of two (2) persons per bedroom is allowed in each unit, which includes children, newborn babies, and visiting guests staying longer than 30 consecutive days or 2 or more nights per week. See occupancy policy (Section 6 of 11) for maximum occupancy per apartment size.

1-4.     IDENTIFICATION: Photo identification is required at time of application to prove the applicant’s identity. Mallard Lake may ask for two forms of ID if no valid picture U.S. issued ID exists (i.e. valid driver’s license or official state picture ID, military ID, alien card, or passport) or if the ID photo is not clear, the ID is expired, or does not look like the applicant.

1-5.  EMPLOYMENT: Applicants must have verifiable current employment at the time of application and at the time of move in. Two (2) years of proof of employment immediate to move in is also required to prove a consistent income source for the 24 months before moving in.

1-6.  INCOME: All applicants must fall within the income guidelines set forth by Mallard Lake Apartments, LLC. Proof of this income is required.

Any unreported income such as cash tip wages or self-employment payments are not considered verifiable income. Other sources of income including court-ordered alimony and/or child support (garnishments) will only be considered as income up to 25% of the total income requirement. Payment from personal parties such as relatives or friends for other work, daycare, or gift allowances will not be considered as verifiable income.

Mallard Lake uses the following formula to determine the income guidelines: 1 month of market rent = 33% of total monthly income. Therefore, the applicant must have a minimum income of $42,875 per year to qualify for a one-bedroom apartment, and $50,145 per year to qualify for a two bedroom apartment. Proof of income must be given in TWO (2) of the following forms:

1-6. a.      Written verification from the HR department or your authorized supervisor at your employer verifying starting date, position, and current salary on business letterhead or on the Mallard Lake faxed Employment verification form.

1-6. b.     An employment confirmation letter or job offer on business letterhead with confirmation of current salary and start date.

1-6. c.      Last two (2) paycheck stubs from your current employer. Each paycheck stub must be verifiable and must meet income requirements after any voluntary deductions and less any bonuses or overtime.

1-6. d.     Two (2) previous years’ W2/1099.

1-6. e.      A certified copy of previous year’s tax forms showing total gross income.

1-6. f.      Self-employed applicants must submit tax returns from the two (2) previous years verifying that income qualifications are met with consideration to gross income and after business expenses.

1-6. g.      Employment confirmation or job offer letter containing starting date, position and salary. For new hires, employment must begin no later than 14 days after the scheduled move-in date.

The above requirements may be combination for husband and wife, or parent and child. All others must quality independently.  Students with student loans – see current policy.

**Applicants with no proof of income may be considered for an opportunity lease with a higher security deposit and/or a prepaid rent option.

1-7.  RENTAL HISTORY: Each applicant must provide one (1) year of verifiable rental history at a current or previous residency as a leaseholder. Applicants with less than one year of rental history may be asked to enter into an opportunity lease to establish rental history. Family landlord leases will not be considered verifiable rental history. Private landlord rental leases are subject to proof of last 4 monthly payments paid on time and a written report of good housekeeping w/clear extermination and no outstanding damage charges for consideration.  Applicants coming from home ownership will not receive credit for rental history but will have the mortgage payment history taken into consideration.  Any applicant owing another landlord or apartment complex for rent or damages will be automatically denied if the balance has not been satisfied.

1-8.  CREDIT REPORT AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: A credit report and background check will be processed on each applicant. If the applicant is denied on the basis of credit, the applicant must contact the credit bureau personally for a copy of the report. Should the applicant resolve the discrepancy, the applicant will be reconsidered upon receipt of written verification from the credit bureau of the resolved issue. Applicants with credit scores of 575-650 are subject to a manager review and the possibility of approval with conditions or an increased security deposit. Applicants with credit scores below 575 are automatically denied. Any applicant with any landlord/tenant collection or judgment on their credit for any reason will be automatically denied unless they can produce a settlement letter. 

The background check will disclose criminal background information, state and federal. If criminal activity is reported, the applicant is subject to denial of his/her application for residency.                                                                                             

1-9.  SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of $500.00 and a non-refundable application fee of $100.00 for each applicant is required and must be paid when applying for residency. Additional security deposit amounts may be required based on the information obtained during the entire application process, ranging anywhere from an additional $250 up to three (3) months of rent. When a resident moves out, an automatic $175.00 Administration fee will be deducted from the security deposit regardless of length of residency. 

1-10. ROOMMATES: All roommates who are leaseholders must qualify alone per the income qualifications, unless the applicants are married or are a parent and child. If the co-applicant does not meet the income requirements, management reserves the right to reduce the co-applicant from the status as a leaseholder to an occupant only, based on the balance of the co-applicant’s information.

1-11. VEHICLES: Only two (2) vehicles per apartment home will be permitted. A parking permit must be displayed at all times. Parking permits will only be issued to lease holders, but may be placed in any vehicle. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense. The Parking Rules and Regulations are available upon request.  Applicants who move in with more than two (2) vehicles will be at risk to have their lease terminated immediately.

1-12. SATELLITE DISHES: Up to two (2) satellite dishes (19-21” in diameter) are permitted with a $250 deposit per dish, or one (1) super-dish with a $300 deposit is permitted provided the Satellite Dish Rider has been completed and the appropriate deposit has been paid to Mallard Lake Apartments. Proof of additional renter’s insurance is required and must be provided. The satellite dish must be installed according to Mallard Lake and FCC terms and conditions. The Satellite Dish Rider is available upon request.

1-13. UTILITIES: Mallard Lake Apartments is responsible for the gas, water, and garbage utilities. All other utilities are the responsibility of the resident. Mallard Lake reserves the right to rescind any or all paid utility benefits at any time without prior notice.

1-14. TRANSFER POLICY:  Transfer applicants will not be considered new residents, nor will they have access to the current new move-in specials if they have been a leaseholder in an active lease within the last 12 months. Transfers also cannot qualify for a resident referral.  See current policy for further details.

1-15. TERMINATION POLICY: See current policy.

1-16. PET POLICY: Residents with pets must reside in a pet designated building only. A maximum of two (2) cats are allowed per apartment in designated pet buildings. Dogs are always prohibited, including visiting dogs. Exotic animals such as reptiles, parrots, snakes and ferrets are only permitted with the manager’s approval. The Pet Policy and Cat Addendum are available upon request. Should you be found to have unregistered pets, fees and fines will apply and your lease may be terminated.

1-17. RENTER'S INSURANCEPolicy and CAll residents are required to obtain a renter's insurance policy prior to moving into Mallard Lake Apartments. Proof of insurance will be required at time of move-in. Choice of insurance provider and amount of personal property coverage will be left to the resident's discretion. Mallard Lake requires a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage.

SECTION IINon-Qualifying Criteria for Residency

The application approval process will be stopped immediately and the applicant will be asked for additional information if any of the following items are found during the application process:

2-1.     Personal bankruptcy is on the credit report and has not been discharged for more than one (1) year, or is still in process and the applicant has not re-established credit.

2-2.     Falsification of any information entered on the application forms.

2-3.     Unsatisfied judgments and/or unpaid collections (not including medical/student loan collections).  Utility and parking ticket collections are at the manager’s discretion.

2-4.     Housing lawsuits/judgments for non-payment of rent or negative rental reference.

2-5.     Negative and/or unsatisfactory references from current or prior landlords/lenders.

2-6.     Conviction of a felony, or for the manufacturing and distribution of any illegal/controlled substances or weapons. Must exhibit no criminal conviction involving violence, firearms, illegal drugs, theft, crimes involving theft, or destruction of property, or any crimes involving a minor. Automobile convictions are subject to the manager’s discretion. 

2-7.     All misdemeanor crimes on the criminal report are subject to management discretion.

2-8.     Poor rental history including bad housekeeping, NSF checks, two (2) or more late payments, extermination issues and evictions.

2-9.     Poor credit score (under 575) or over-extension of credit commitments that limit cash flow.

2-10.  History of repossession(s).

2-11.  Lack of required application information submitted by applicant timely (within 48 hours of request).

If the above items are discovered and the explanation by the applicant is unsatisfactory or unresolved, the applicant may be automatically denied residency without addition time to remedy the issues. All application fees will be forfeited. In the event that the applicant does not meet the requirements stated above, management may approve the lease with prepayment consideration requesting 6-12 months of rent paid in advance of moving in.

I have read and agree to the above rental policies.
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