Mallard Lake Apartments in Wheeling, Illinois

Mallard Lake Apartments does not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability.

The following criteria must be met by each applicant: 

  1. AGE: All individual applicants must be at least 21 years old. If there are two or more applicants, each applicant must be 21 years old, unless the applicant?s relationship is parent and child, or the applicants are married and one applicant is 21 years old. All lease holders must reside in the unit full time. All persons 18 years and older who are not leaseholders but intend to live in the apartment for 30 or more days per year must apply as an occupant. Anyone under the age of 18 must be registered in the apartment. 


  1. OCCUPANCY: A maximum of 3 people are allowed in a 1-bedroom apartment, with the third person being no older than 24 months. A maximum of 5 people are allowed in a 2-bedroom apartment with the fifth person being no older than 5 years old.  


  1. IDENTIFICATION: Photo identification is required at time of application to prove the applicant?s identity.  


  1. EMPLOYMENT: Applicants must have verifiable current employment at the time of application. Most recent year (12 months) of proof of employment is required to prove a consistent income source. 


  1. INCOME: All applicants must fall within the income guidelinesIncome requirements may be combined for husband and wife or parent and child; all others must quality independently. Any unreported income such as cash tip wagesself-employment payments, or payments from personal parties will not be considered as verifiable income. Mallard Lake uses the following formula to determine the income guidelines: 1 month of market rent = 33% of total monthly income. Therefore, the applicant must have a minimum income of $44,545.00 per year to qualify for a one-bedroom apartment, and $52,727.00 per year to qualify for a two-bedroom apartment. Proof of income must be given in two of the following forms: 


  1. Written verification from the HR department or authorized supervisor at your employer verifying starting date, position, and current salary on business letterhead or on the Mallard Lake faxed Employment verification form. 

  1. An employment confirmation letter or job offer on business letterhead with confirmation of current salary and start date. 

  1. Last 2 paycheck stubs from your current employer. Each paycheck stub must be verifiable and must meet income requirements after any voluntary deductions and less any bonuses or overtime. 

  1. Previous year?s W2 or 1099s. 

  1. A certified copy of pervious year?s tax forms showing total gross income. 


  1. RENTAL HISTORY: Each applicant must provide year of verifiable rental history at a current or previous residency, as a leaseholder. Private landlord leases will not be considered. Applicants coming from home ownership will no receive credit for rental historyAny applicant owing another landlord or apartment complex for rent or damages will be automatically denied if the balance has not been satisfied. 


  1. CREDIT REPORT AND CRIMINAL BACKGOUND CHECK: A credit report and background check will be processed on each applicant. Applicants with credit score below 575 are automatically denied. Any applicant with any landlord/tenant collection or judgment on their credit for any reason will automatically denied without proof of settlement. The background check will disclose criminal state and federal information. If criminal activity is reported, the applicant is subject to denial of their application for residency. 

  1. SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of $400 for a 1-bedroom apartment and $600 for a 2-bedroom apartment is required. Additional security deposit amounts may be required based on the information obtained during the entire application process, ranging anywhere from an additional $100 up to months of rent and are non-negotiable. 

  2. VEHICLES: Only 2 vehicles per apartment will be permitted on property. Each apartment has 1 assigned parking space and a parking permit must always be displayed when parked on property. Violators will be towed at the owner?s expense.  

  3. SATELLITE DISHES: See current policy. 

  4. UTILITIES: Gas, Water, Sewer, and Waste utilities are included in the Utility Fee added to the lease. All other utilities are the responsibility of the resident. Mallard Lake reserves the right to rescind any or all paid utility benefits at any time without prior notice. 

  5. TRANSFERSApplicants will not be considered new residents if they have been in an active lease within 30 days of applying.  

  6. TERMINATION POLICY: See current policy. 

  7. PET POLICY: Resident with pets must reside in a pet designed building. A maximum of 2 cats are allowed per apartment in designated pet buildings. Dogs or visiting pets are prohibited

    I have read and agree to the above rental policies.
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